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Lonstin Alcohol Free Rinse Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel, 60ml


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– Alcohol-Free formulation
– No Irritation
– Formulated with Vitamin E
– Moisturises hands while sanitising
– Rinse-Free
– Portable – carry it with you easily

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In stock

In the pursuit of maintaining hand hygiene, Lonstin Alcohol-Free Rinse-Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitiser Gel emerges as a unique solution. This article aims to dissect its distinguishing features, emphasizing its alcohol-free nature and the effectiveness of its antibacterial properties.

The Gentle Power of Alcohol-Free Formula: Lonstin’s Innovation

Antibacterial Excellence: Beyond Alcohol

Lonstin stands out with its innovative approach – proving that effective antibacterial action doesn’t necessarily demand alcohol. Explore the science behind this alcohol-free gel and how it achieves a thorough cleansing while maintaining a gentle touch on the skin.

Benefits of Lonstin Alcohol-Free Rinse-Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel

Skin Kindness: Nourishing and Hydrating

Lonstin’s gel goes beyond cleansing; it nourishes and hydrates the skin. Discover how this sanitizer leaves hands not only clean but also soft, emphasizing the importance of maintaining skin health alongside cleanliness.

Rinse-Free Convenience: Clean Hands Anytime, Anywhere

Lonstin’s rinse-free design ensures cleanliness on the go. Uncover the convenience of this feature, making Lonstin an ideal choice for scenarios where traditional handwashing isn’t readily available, providing a portable solution for maintaining hand hygiene.

Choosing Lonstin for Safe and Effective Hand Sanitization

Dermatologically Tested: Prioritizing Safety

Safety is a paramount concern, and Lonstin Alcohol-Free Rinse-Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel prioritizes this aspect. Delve into the significance of dermatological testing, assuring users that their choice not only cleans hands but also cares for the skin.

Universal Applicability: A Solution for All Ages

Lonstin’s formula caters to users of all ages. Explore how its versatility makes it suitable for different age groups, positioning it as a universal hand hygiene solution within households and communities.

Frequently Asked Questions: Addressing Common Queries

Is Lonstin Alcohol-Free Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer suitable for sensitive skin?

Absolutely, Lonstin’s alcohol-free formula is gentle and suitable for individuals with sensitive skin, ensuring a comfortable hand sanitizing experience.

How often should I use Lonstin’s Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer?

The frequency of use depends on your daily activities. In high-contact areas or after touching potentially contaminated surfaces, it’s advisable to sanitize your hands every 1-2 hours.

Can it be used on children’s hands?

Yes, Lonstin Alcohol-Free Rinse-Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel is safe for children. However, adult supervision during application is recommended to prevent ingestion.

Is Lonstin’s formula as effective as alcohol-based sanitizers?

Lonstin’s formula, although alcohol-free, is crafted for effective antibacterial action. It provides a reliable alternative for individuals seeking non-alcoholic hand sanitization.

Does it have a strong fragrance?

Lonstin’s gel is formulated with a mild fragrance, ensuring a pleasant experience without overpowering scents.

Can it be used on surfaces?

While primarily designed for hands, Lonstin’s Rinse-Free Hand Sanitizer Gel can be applied to small surfaces. For larger areas, consider using dedicated surface disinfectants.


In conclusion, Lonstin Alcohol-Free Rinse-Free Antibacterial Hand Sanitizer Gel offers a gentle yet effective approach to hand hygiene. With its unique formula, dermatological safety, and rinse-free convenience, it stands as a versatile choice for individuals of all ages.

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