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TV DVD Combo Proudly Made in Britain

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All Cello are manufactured in the UK. This means you can benefit from a TV system designed for the specific needs of UK customers. We will support UK content and delivery like no other TV brand currently available. In addition, our UK based after sales support is here to ensure you get the very best support as well as complete peace of mind.

Ferguson is one of the major brands of LED TVs in the UK. Given the renowned LED TVs that we offer in a wide range of sizes and types you’ll struggle to choose a better LED TV manufacturer or web retailer- and more than that, we are a proud British LED TV manufacturer.

With more than 90 years’ experience in the technology industry Ferguson, have risen to become one of the most trusted brands in the UK from our humble beginnings as a loudspeaker manufacturer.

LED TVs are much more energy efficient than their LCD or earlier Plasma screen counterparts. Despite using up to 40% less electricity than a standard LCD TV, they have a similar life span and also provide a more vibrant and sharper picture than plasma or LCD TVs.

LED technology allows TVs to be made much thinner and much lighter than previous screen types and this makes LED TVs much easier to move, wall mount or fit into the most awkward or unlikely places within a home, or a motor home, caravan, boat etc.

If you are in need of a larger TV, such as a 32 inch TV with a DVD player, it may be difficult to find a new TV that does so. Lots of people have huge collections of DVDs that they do not want to say goodbye to and a lot of modern TVs don’t care. We have a range of TV DVD Combos that you can use to get the best TVs while still being able to watch your beloved DVDs.