Blog Post 22/01/16

    Looking for a TV upgrade? TV Village are the ones to trust

    Large screen TVs are becoming increasingly popular as time goes on. Nowadays, many consider TVs with a smaller screen to be extremely old-fashioned; it’s amazing how quickly technology evolves!

    However, there are many more benefits of owning a larger TV than being able to brag about it to your friends.

    Using larger monitors, be it for a television, a computer/laptop, a tablet, or phone is notably better for your eye health than using a smaller screen would be. Regardless, it’s always important to take frequent breaks whilst using screens of any kind.

    It’s also been proven that using a larger screen can massively boost productivity; a larger monitor will provide you with a larger work surface, which makes for quicker completion of tasks.

    If you’re still dying for an upgrade, read on.

    What has TV Village got on offer?

    ,p>If you don’t like doing things by halves, why not go for our 85” Ultra HD TV? Our biggest option, clocking in at over 2 metres long, is one of the largest TVs on the market today.

    Is this a little big for you? Don’t worry, we have many larger screen TVs on offer. From 16” to 75”, there’s bound to be a TV that’s right for you and your home.

    The vast majority of our TVs come with freeview built in, HDMI inputs, and are HD, or a combination of all three.

    With prices from as little as £129.99, it’s never too soon to upgrade to a larger TV.

    Why buy from TV Village?

    We’re a trusted supplier of electrical items to both the public and the trade, and with an amassed staff experience of 30 years, it’s easy to see why.

    We are also the only authorised distributor for Cello Electronics; one of the first manufacturers to create the DVD combo TV.

    Whatever product you wish to buy from us, you can rest safe in the knowledge that it will be high quality, for the lowest price possible.

    For more information on purchasing a large screen TV, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

    Blog Post 9/02/16

    The many great ways to use a large screen TV

    With increasing numbers of large screen TVs emerging on the market, it can be difficult to know what to do with them. It could be that you don’t feel the need for such a large screen in your home, or that you find the whole idea a bit gimmick-y.

    Here at TV Village, we are here to convince you otherwise.

    Think outside the box

    We do tend to sell mainly to those in a domestic environment - in other words, the proverbial "people at home". However, our large screen TVs can also be of massive benefit in retail, commercial and leisure environments.

    Whether it is purchased to screen football games in a pub or display advertisements and promotions in a clothing shop, a larger TV screen is much more likely to grab people’s attention and makes for a more pleasurable viewing experience.

    Make your meetings more memorable

    If you work in a profession where you regularly hold meetings or conferences, you may find yourself occasionally making use of projectors or screens to add another element to the occasion.

    If this is the case, why not use a large TV screen? It’ll offer a much bolder picture than a projector would, and it’s highly likely that your meetings will make a longer lasting impression.

    Amp up your eye health

    It’s been scientifically proven that using a larger screen, be it on a television, computer, or smartphone, is much less detrimental to your eye health than using a smaller screen. Considering that we typically spend over six and a half hours each day looking at a screen, this is surely a massive benefit.

    Whatever your reasons for wishing to purchase a large screen TV, TV Village should be your first choice of retailer for such a TV.

    Our team has amassed over 20 years' experience in the electronics industry, specialising in the sale of devices from Cello Electronics.

    With feature-laden TVs available in sizes ranging from 16” to 85”, you are bound to find your dream large screen TV at TV Village!

    For more information on our large screen TVs and how they could benefit you, feel free to get in touch with our friendly and professional team here at TV Village today.

    Blog Post 18/2/16

    Tips on turning your living room into a home movie theatre

    Cinema tickets seem to be getting increasingly expensive nowadays. Not only that, but if you do choose to go, you run the risk of costly food and drink, the other theatre-goers being noisy and annoying, and uncomfortable chairs and sticky floors.

    If you still want a fairly immersive cinema experience without leaving the comfort of your home, there are several tips and tricks that you can follow to make your big screen TV feel almost like the 'big screen'.

    It’s all about the sound

    Sound plays a massive part in one's film-watching enjoyment. The sound in cinemas tends to focus on deep, low-pitched tones, so much so that many people can feel it physically. This is especially effective in horror films – very low tones can evoke feelings of unease in some people.

    To make your viewing experience as immersive as possible, it’s best to have several speakers. You want to create the impression that the sound is coming from all around the room, so it’s best to purchase the following;

  • Front speakers - place these one metre to the left and to right of your TV, facing wherever you plan to sit
  • Centre speaker - place this as close to the TV as possible, directly below it if you can
  • Subwoofer - this is where you get all of your bass sound from. Aim to place it in the middle of the front wall, or if not, in your nearest spare corner
  • Rear speakers - as their name indicates, these are to be placed at opposite corners of the room, behind where you’ll be sitting
  • Rear speakers are the most important element to making you feel surrounded by the sound coming from your television – if you want, you can start by purchasing these, before buying the rest of the kit over time.

    Bigger is better

    The bigger the TV screen, the better your viewing experience will be. What size of TV you purchase does massively depend on your budget and the amount of space in your home, but we would suggest that you try to purchase the largest screen possible. It’s better for your eye health and will feel more like the real thing.

    Here at TV Village, we stock TVs in sizes ranging from 16” to 85”. For more information on purchasing large screen TVs, please feel free to contact us.

    Blog Post 8/3/16

    Find out more about Cello Electronics – the UK’s most innovative electronics company!

    TV Village is proud to be the only authorised distributor for Cello Electronics. This brand is one of the country’s most innovative producers of large screen TVs, among other in-demand consumer electronics.

    One of the most experienced manufacturers around...

    It’s a little-known fact, but Cello was one of the first manufacturers to introduce built-in DVDs in its TVs.

    Cello has over 14 years of UK production experience behind it, and has constantly strived to produce innovative and exciting technology throughout that time. Each and every one of its products is technologically advanced, including its LED TVs, PCs, laptops and digital tablets.

    Cello's state of the art production line is based in the North East of England, and is the manufacturing point of every single one of its TVs, regardless of size. Cello allows customers to watch stock being produced, and even allows them to be involved in the product quality checks – a truly one-of-a-kind experience for the customer that further highlights the amount of care invested into each Cello product.

    Unbeatable customer service...

    Cello believes that the experience of buying something lasts long after you pay for the product. It is because of this that it aims to provide the highest standard of after sales service, including extensive technical support.

    Why buy from TV Village?

    First of all, we are the only authorised distributor of Cello products. This allows us to offer you Cello’s products for the best prices possible, while ensuring your utmost peace of mind.

    We stock Cello TVs in a wide array of sizes, including the brand's much-loved larger screen TVs. Whatever Cello item interests you, you’ll receive a string of benefits that you won’t find from many other TV stockists, including;

  • Free support via email and phone
  • A full manufacturer’s warranty with every item
  • Speedy shipping – if you order before 12 noon, your item will be dispatched the very same day
  • A range of payment options
  • Discount postage on multiple purchases
  • ...and much, much more.

    For more information on Cello products or TV Village, please don’t hesitate to contact our trusty team - or simply peruse the latest complete range of products available on our website.

    Blog Post 30/3/16

    Swot up on our great large screen TV maintenance tips

    So, you’ve bought your new big screen TV – but do you know how to care for it properly? Although it may seem like a monumental task, keeping your large screen TV in tip top condition really isn’t as hard as it seems.

    Keep your screen squeaky clean

    There’s nothing more off-putting than seeing a TV screen covered in dust, fingerprints and dirt. As well as ruining the viewing experience, it also looks rather unsightly. Always unplug your TV before cleaning it. To clean the frame of the TV, use a soft, clean and dry lint free cloth and wipe gently. Do the same with the screen. If any dirt remains, spray a small amount of screen-cleaning solution onto the cloth – never directly onto the screen. Wipe the screen with the cloth as gently as possible, and let the screen dry completely before you plug the TV back in. It really is as easy at that.

    Be aware of where you place your TV

    Whereabouts you place your TV can possibly be massively detrimental to it. Ensure your television is kept in an environment that is free of dust. If the atmosphere around the TV is particularly dusty, it could possible cause a short circuit, which could damage the television beyond repair. It may be easy to forget to check your TV on a periodic basis for any dust that may be gathering, but you will almost certainly be thankful for having done so.

    Avoid exposing your TV to liquids

    You should also make sure that your TV is placed somewhere where liquids cannot be spilled on it. Its common sense that spilling any sort of liquid onto an electrical device is a bad idea – but even simple things such as using too much screen cleaning spray can cause damage to the device. Other maintenance tips of relevance to large screen TVs are fairly simple to remember – such as not placing sharp objects or corners near the screen, as well as never dismantling the TV. For further informal advice on taking care of your new large screen TV or for more information on purchasing one, just get in touch with the experts at TV Village today.

    Blog Post 14/4/16

    Large screen TVs – just what is all the fuss about?

    A small portion of people still seem to believe that the increase in sales of large screen TVs in recent times is nothing more than a fad – or that people are simply buying one because they’ve seen friends, family or somebody else do the same. Here at TV Village, we are intent on dispelling that myth. Here’s some concrete evidence why the surge in the popularity of large screen TVs makes total sense.

    First thing first – some facts and figures

    In the November of last year, it was reported that one particular household name retailer was selling approximately 100 large screen TVs every single minute – a 70% rise compared to the previous year. On the other side of the Atlantic, it’s been suggested that almost half of all homes in the United States will own a 4K TV of some kind or another by 2020. 4K, which refers to the resolution of the image on the TV, often comes hand in hand with a larger screen.

    The price of a large screen TV may surprise you

    The price of your average large screen TV is actually dropping by the day. As technology advances, it’s only natural that the price of any already-existing tech will drop as time goes on. For example, a 40” LED TV from Cello - with Freeview HD and a built-in DVD player, we must add - now costs you just under £270. Several years ago, it would have set you back approximately £500, if not more. Even more extreme TV sizes are seeing a fair decrease in price. A 62” screen costs approximately £950 with Cello, but you would have been paying a price in the mid-thousands not so long ago.

    Still not convinced about large screen TVs?

    Contact TV Village – our team knows everything there is to know about large screen TVs and can offer you expert advice, settling any queries or concerns you may have. We stock TVs of all kinds, specialising in Cello large screen TVs. The company has been at the forefront of television innovation for years now, and its large screen TVs are no exception. All manner of TVs sized between 16” and 85” are proudly stocked by us. For more information on why a large screen TV may be right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the TV Village team, who will also be able to guide you in the direction of the perfect large screen TV for you and your household.